Friday, September 11, 2009

Videocast Assignments

Great job on your presentations last night. Below are the group assignments for the videocast project. Next week, you will have the whole class period to work in your groups to develop a script and practice your video presentation. I highly recommend you go ahead and work on gathering information on your topic prior to class so you can devote the class period to script writing and practice and not to topic research.

Group 1 (Topic 1):
Emily Alford
Hannah Cooper
Bailey Wilson
Major Deacon

Group 2 (Topic 8):
Nicole Henderson
Brigit Johnson
Kennavia King

Group 3 (Topic 17):
Ruth Nazarian
Ricky Ruffin
Lynda "Marie" McPherson

Group 4 (Topic 10):
Cinnamon Jernigan
Angela Doughdrill

Group 5 (Topic 13):
Christina Henderson
Kimberly Langham

Group 6 (Topic 14):
Alexis Taylor
Ashley Lambert

Group 7 (Topic 19):
Heather Shelton
Tiffany Tuinder

You may go through e-companion (see web link on the right side of the blog)to e-mail your team mates. I highly suggest you exchange e-mail address' and/or phone numbers.

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